Saturday, May 28, 2011

Saturday 28 May - Salzburg to Graz

Pictures will follow when I can get a better connection to upload them.Pictures uploaded June 1.
1015 Salzburg to Bischofshofen 1102
1113 Bischofshofen to Graz 1423
It was still raining this morning and the wait for the train in the station at Salzburg was particularly unpleasant.  However the first train arrived in good time from Vienna and we were able to wait in the relative warmth of the train for about 20 minutes before departure.  It was very hilly all the way with many trees and cattle pasture but very little arable land.  We were surprised to see snow on the hillsides and it had come down almost to the valley floor in some places.  It was still raining in Graz and I was surprised to find the stsatin intact.  They found a large unexploded WWII bomb last March and had to detonate it on site.  We had some difficulty in finding the tram line which is a little way away from the Hauptbahnhof.  Once on board we found out how to use the ticket machine and were quickly brought to the Hauptplaz and the centrally located hotel.

The trams are very narrow indeed, not much wider than the standard gauge tracks. (2.2m)  There is a Graz tram paint scheme but there is also a bewildering array of different colours and advertising schemes.  They have a variety of trams some coming from Duisburg and Wuppertal although the most recent are new.
Even in the rain Graz is an interesting place - Hauptplaz

We found the Tourist Office and made plans over a drink in the Sacher Cafe.  There followed a walk to Jacobmin Platz which is an amazing transport hub and then back to the hotel via an extensive park.  The sun has come out and things are looking up.
Many buildings have amazing details.

Dinner was at Altsteirische Schmankerlstub'n, just across the street from the hotel.  It is reputed to be the best place for Styrian cuisine and we were well pleased.  We both had beer, (good but a little sour for my taste).  For starter Mary had baked bacon wrapped sheep cheese while I had aspic.  Both were excellent.  For main course Mary had pork with mushroom sauce, redcurrants and potato croquettes and I had pork medallions with apple and "mouldy" cheese (i.e. strong blue cheese) and roast potatoes.  Both were very good.  We were so full we had to forgo the desserts - the nockerl looked particularly interesting.  The staff were very friendly and helpful and we enjoyed ourselves.

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