Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday 9 May - Return to Paris

The return on the TGV was quite smooth although the SNCF made it as confusing as possible.  They showed two TGVs leaving Bordeau at the same time for Paris and from the same platform.  In fact it was a double train that had come through, presumably, from Biarritz.  To find out where to be on the platform it was necessary to understand which train number one was booked on.  There was a surprising number of elderly, frail, easily confused, older people travelling. The operations people have the whip hand over the marketing people.  The train was announced as two trains both going to Paris and both non-stop!
The Bordeaux train shed is enormous.  It was built by the CF du Midi.  On the right is the Nivea train, a ten car train adapted to demonstrate Nivea products.
There was a dead stand just outside Poitiers which the crew announced as a stop "pour securite".  It was just a signal stop while we got the road through the station but I am sure it put the wind up some people.

We passed Tours in the distance, then crossed the Loire and I was able to pick out the village of Vouvray before entering the tunnel under the vine yards.

As we were walking down the platform at Montparnasse we saw a lady with a Dachsund.  Mary said "I bet it wants to pee".  Sure enough it came to a halt at the first post and relieved itself.

Back at the rue de Levis we found some Gariguettes in Monoprix and bought some fraises to test them against.

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