Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday 12 June - Sebersdorf to Vienna

We both feel very tired today.  We have come to realize that there  is a cumulative effect to all this traveling and now that our objective has been achieved all we have to do is to get back to Vienna - and sleep.  The first duty in the morning was to do a moth patrol to liberate all the prettily patterned insects that had found their way into the room.

We had a good breakfast, much of it spent with Alex, who is currently at Glasgow University.  The taxi had been booked for 0930 and he arrived precisely on time - to the second.  He took us to the Bad Waltersdorf station and then we argued over the fare - he only wanted 2 euros and we though that was too little.  In the end we gave him 5 euros and he took it but said "That is too much".

While waiting for the train I took a look at the rail fastenings.  Four lag screws for each tie plate with the rail being secured by two nuts with spring washers.  The ties all had date nails in them - they looked to be 04 or 05 which is very recent.

The train arrived just a couple of minutes late and we made the transfer to the bus and back without incident.  Easy when you are expecting it.  We finished up abut ten minutes late at Wiener Neustadt and caught a local Wiesel train into Vienna.  This proved handy as it not only went to Wien Meidling but also Wien Mitte which is only one stop on the U-bahn to Swedensplatz.  I was surprised to see the men working on the roadway today, a Sunday before a holiday.

Lunch was Wiener Schnitzel/Boiled beef and beer.  Have now checked in with Air Canada.

Supper was a hot dog from a wurstel stand.  Take a roll, cut a small piece off the end and shove it on to a stainless steel spike to hollow it out.  Fill it with mustard or ketchup, or both and then shove a wurst into it.  Dessert was at the ice cream parlor at Schwedenplatz where they serve an amazing variety of sundaes and other ice cream based treats.
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