Saturday, June 11, 2011

Saturday 11 June - Sebersdorf

View from the room
It was pleasant knowing so many people at breakfast. We had a long talk with Oleh and Elfi who were looking after their brand new grandson.

The walk into Sebersdorf was interesting. There were many cherry trees in fruit and the countryside is very varied with mixed crops (pumpkin, corn etc.) in the low land and forests on the hilltops. Downtown Sebersdorf consists of a fire station, a very nice lily pond and a bank with an ATM.  The station is way out of town on the other side of the highway. We had a beer on the way back and directed a couple from Vienna who were wedding guests and who didn't know where the Schloss was.
Field of pumpkins
Sebersdorf fire hall

An ancient lightning rod (1876)
Family wedding and reception at the Schloss Obermayerhofen in the afternoon and evening.  The chapel dates back to the 1600s.

There was a rumor that the priest was locked in his room and couldn't get out.  Our lock was difficult so this was understandable but he managed to get to the church in time
The dessert not only looked good - it was good.
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