Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday 10 June - Sebersdorf at Last

We had plenty of time this morning and got to Wiener Neustadt in good time to catch the 1200 diesel Wiesel to Bad Waltersdorf.  This was the final leg of my journey which started in Frankfurt over seven weeks ago.  We settled in knowing that a taxi would be waiting for us in Bad Waltersdorf (not Sebersdorf) to bring us to the Schlosshotel Obermayerhofen.  About an hour before we were due to arrive and there was an announcement to the effect that we were going to have to get out and get into a bus, then back into a train at Hartberg.  Ah well, the best laid plans.

The bus was not completely unexpected as there was something on the departure board at Wiener Neustadt which I didn't understand.  The bus was almost as fast as the train by stint of driving through a team track, across a hotel parking lot and over a couple of sidewalks.
Bad Waltersdorf at last!
We were only a couple of minutes late and the taxi quickly brought us to the Schlosshotel.  We have an enormous room with a four poster bed.  The grounds are extensive and many parts have been allowed to grow naturally.
Schlosshotel Obermayerhofen
Old farm house where the party took place this evening
This pond had lots of frogs, bullrushes and small leaf water lilies.
Our room
Ceramic room heater lined with firebricks - it was fed from outside
Our room
The entire hotel is devoted to the wedding group and we were very quickly introduced to some very interesting people. They came from all parts of the world – Philippines, France, Holland, Germany, Lichtenstein as well Austria.

The party was a lot of fun with lots to eat and drink.

There was an impressive selection of schnapps to try.

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