Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sunday 24 April - Hamburg Harbour Tour

Bill finally got an ice cream today.  He went into Hagen Zaz yesterday and they would only let him have a large one in a container as they had run out of cones.  The assistant was on his own and couldn't go up to the storeroom to get some cones - Bill offered to mind the store for him to no avail.

First thing we went on a double decker bus tour to give us an idea of Hamburg.  It was interesting but nothing really spectacular.  We jumped off at the Harbour and watched the ferry boats coming and going.

We were booked on an English-speaking tour.  The staff separated the Englishers from the Germans and led us to a different part of the pier where we were put on a low quality boat for our linguistic sins.
The entire ship's crew in the high tech control room
The tour itself was pretty interesting.  After going through the warehouse district near Miniatur Wunderland we passed the new concert hall which is being built on the foundation of an old warehouse and will contain a hotel.  There is a lock that keeps the harbour from silting then we passed a large container ship, a large dry dock and a submarine.

Concert hall under construction

Reputed to be the largest dry dock in the world
We were proudly told several times that Hamburg has more bridges than Amsterdam or Venice.  We were also told that the Rathaus has more rooms than Buckingham Palace.  This is the sort of dumb information that is meted out to tourists who neither care nor will retain.  We got back on the bus for a return to the Hauptbahnhof where we had a light lunch.  We passed Hagen Daz so Bill could thumb his nose.  They had a large stock of cones ready for use.

 The Rathaus is an attractive building.

The Rathaus square is very attractive and the whole area is very much a place for people.  The pollarded plane trees are just coming into leaf
In the evening, to Bill's delight, Hagen Daz had some cones so he was able to have a chocolate ice cream.  Unfortunately the cone construction was not very strong and it disintegrated before the ice cream could be eaten.  Obviously more research is required here.

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