Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tuesday 10 May

Gariguette on the left and fraise on the right.  Difficult to tell the difference.
Went down to Gare St. Lazare this morning to check on trains to Vernon tomorrow.  It was its usual busy self.

In the afternoon we went down to the Hotel de Ville to see the exhibition of Paris and the Impressionists.  These free exhibitions put on by the city are always worth taking in.

The rue Montorgueuil is always interesting and we spent some time watching the people go past, children coming home from school, people from work etc.  It has a lot to offer.

Rue Montorgueuil
Paris in the rush hour is always a lot of fun.  Rue Reamur is a one way street with lights.  With the lights red it resembles a starting grid at Le Mans.  When the lights turn green the scooters and motor bikes are first off the mark running 8 or 9 abreast.  They are followed closely by the taxis and then the cyclists as if they were in the Tour de France.  Finally the motor cars and small vans come past.  This gets them to the next red light a couple of blocks away when the whole thing starts again.

Dinner this evening was with Mandy and Leon at Le Grand Colbert.  The food and service was up to its usual level but there was a disappointment in that there was no pickled herring.  This is only available in the winter.

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